Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Personal History

This is how I’ve gotten where I’m going.

Saucony Guides, November 2008-April 2010. My wonderful former podiatrist found these for me. I ran my first race in these, and I wore them so hard there’s a huge hole in the back inside heel lining.

Saucony Rides, April 2010-November 2010. Bad idea shoes, only purchased when the updated Guides proved to be too wide. Ran my first half-marathon in them, but they were way too neutral for me, and I ended up with Achilles tendonitis and six weeks off.

Asics 3020s, January 2011-June 2011. Love, love, loved these shoes. Ran the Kaiser half in them in February; ran all over Europe in them in May and June. But I wore out the mesh starting in March, poking a giant hole over each big toe, and had to give them up before their time.

Asics 3030s, June 2011-September 2011, still depressing. As great as the 3020s were for me, these were trouble from day one — blistering, painful, just not right. The IT band injury scapegoat.

Brooks Adrenalines, October 2011-present. The current champ — Nike+ pouch on one shoe, Road ID on the other. These are the 11s; I didn’t like the 9s or the 10s but these have been a dream.

Purple Brooks Adrenalines. The future. They’ll be safely tucked away in the closet until January or so, when the red ones will be easing into retirement.

(Not pictured: Mizuno Nirvanas, my favorite damn shoe I’ve ever run in except that they made both of my big toes feel bruised on any run over four miles; New Balance something-somethings, heavy and disastrous and it’s probably best that I don’t remember them.)


2 thoughts on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Personal History

  1. katie says:

    awwwww, I love this!

    I just started wearing the guide and I love them!

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