LMMB Goals

Playlist mostly made, carry-on semi-packed, pumpkin bread baked, nails polished … what’s left to do before Miami?

Oh hey, how about a goals post?

A goal: Sub-2. Yeah, I know, what shocking news. Honestly, I expect this will still be a bit of a stretch for me. I (think I) have trained for that pace, but it doesn’t feel comfortable. That said, I’m not sure racing’s supposed to feel comfortable.

B goal: PR. I’ve done this during one training run in this cycle, and I intentionally stopped just short of doing it in another. Training runs are not races, but I still feel like this should be reasonable. And I have a bit of an added cushion: It’s stuck in my head that my half-marathon PR is 2:06; my real PR is actually just over 2:07.

C goal: Sub-2:13 — my Nike time. That’s my post-IT-band-injury bar right now, and — elevation-wise, anyway — Miami is a far easier course. If this happens, I’ll be able to end the year with some clock-based proof that I’m improving.

I also have an A+ goal that has nothing to do with time. I want to end this race feeling mentally strong, knowing I did what I could do on the day, whatever it ends up being. I read Alyssa’s lovely CIM race recap yesterday, and the thing that stuck with me was the message to fight for it. Mile 11 is always the toughest for me, and I want to have the strength to acknowledge that, not beat myself up for finding it hard, and keep pushing.

It would also be cool if I could run this girl in to the finish, but if I can’t because I left everything I had on the race course, then that’s fine by me.

Of course, anything could happen on Sunday — especially in a climate I’m not used to, the day after a red-eye flight, when I’m already a tightly wound person. And that’s why I’m glad I’ll have great friends, my wonderful and speedy husband, and all the frozen drinks a girl could imagine waiting for me at the finish. (And also, a Pitbull concert. Let’s have a real good time, etc.)


3 thoughts on “LMMB Goals

  1. katie says:

    Yup, fight for it. Can’t wait to see how you do, lots of GOOD LUCK!

  2. Linda says:

    Have a blast!

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