12 Days of Christmas Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, Theodora posted about her December fitness challenge. I love a good challenge, and knowing foolishly thinking I was going to be staring down a blank spot in my training schedule, I started kicking around some ideas for my own December event. I jokingly suggested a 12 Days of Christmas theme, and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. Or at least an amusing one.

So, it’s December 15, and I’m arbitrarily deciding that today marks the start of my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. The idea was to come up with 12 fitness-related somethings I could do before the end of the year, then 11 something elses, and 10 and 9 and so on. (Like the song, yeah?) I wanted it to be an actual challenge — no sandbagging — but also something feasible considering holiday travel, weather at the locations of said travel, time with family and friends, desire for rest, etc.

I did not know this book existed, but now I would love to see it.

Here’s where I ended up:

12 total workouts/workout days
For these purposes, I will consider a workout to be anything more than 30 minutes of exercise.

11 one-minute planks
I should be doing more core anyway (see below), and 11 good one-minute planks over 16 days seemed doable.

10 minutes of core work per day
Yes, per day. Including on days that don’t count toward the 12. This is something I want to make a habit in 2012, so I might as well start trying now. Some days this might be serious and sweat-inducing; other days it might mean doing three sets of crunches while mostly lying on the floor watching Revenge. For now, I just want the thought and intent to be there.

9 new exercises
I’m leaving the definition of “exercises” broad: It can be a new group fitness class or a new strength training move (I bookmarked this workout a while ago but haven’t tried any of it yet). Just nine new somethings, however big or small.

8(0) minutes of strength training
That boils down to four sessions of 20 minutes each, ideally just tacked on to a time when I’m at the gym anyway. Aka, what I was doing earlier in the year before I became a strength-training slacker again.

7 climbing routes/problems finished
This probably means two trips to the climbing gym, which I’ve been desperately missing.

6 days of running
If I do this, I can sign up for any races my little heart desires.

5 morning workouts
I originally wrote this as “5 a.m. workouts” and then realized I should clarify, because hell no, this night owl does not rise at 5 a.m.

4 yoga or pilates “classes”
“Classes” in quotation marks because OnDemand/online/YouTube sessions count and thus will make this feasible while traveling.

3 workouts with friends
My New Year’s rental house posse includes two triathletes and three runners. Easy-peasy.

2 miles swimming
I’ve been told there’s a pool in Pete’s hometown that might sell day passes, but I’ve never actually gone. This should be the year I check it out.

1 long ride on Penelope
Fact: I put this here because it goes best to the tune of the song. Conveniently, it also happens to match what I think is doable. More than one ride would be great, but since Penelope doesn’t travel, this weekend is probably my last chance for a 10+-mile ride before 2012.

Except where noted, double-counting is totally legal. (Morning run with friends? Check, check, and check!) As this is the season for making lists and checking them twice — um, and as it is always the season for making lists and ticking them off in my brain — I’m looking forward to dominating this completely arbitrary, self-enforced challenge.

Are you doing any year-end challenges/running streaks/holiday-themed fitness events? Or want to join me in my nerdiness?

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