Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Playlist Redux

After all that buildup, I never actually shared my Miami playlist.

It didn’t exactly turn out to be “Songs for a Sub-2,” but it was “songs for not giving up on an overpass bridge somewhere in Miami and just walking the last four miles because who cares anyway.”

The only disappointment, actually, was the Pop Culture Happy Hour I picked. Man, I love that show, but as it turns out, I don’t want to listen to a segment about favorite Christmas songs when it’s 80 degrees.

Other than that, though, all my old favorites came out to play. “Shoreline” came on somewhere on an overpass, which seemed appropriate. And “Past in Present” and “Shine a Light” were the last two songs I heard as I ran to the finish, and somehow getting my footfalls to match their beat kept me moving forward when I really, really just wanted a nap.

The only downside of making one giant playlist with all my favorite running songs? Now I need some new ones for 2012.


One thought on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Playlist Redux

  1. Diana says:

    Love it- stealing some song ideas to revamp some playlists 🙂

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