Three Things Thursday

1. I knocked my first item off The Challenge on Tuesday with a fantastic bouldering session. I have a tortured relationship with bouldering; it turns out I do not much like balancing precariously without a rope, even if I’m only three feet off the ground and surrounded by padded mats laid atop a springy, additionally padded floor. Every so often, though, my balance is on and I feel gutsier than normal and I can get on a roll, and that happened this time. I pretty much marched around the gym taking down every V1 (the second-easiest level, but about the peak of what I do) I saw. At the end of 45 minutes I was sweaty and exhausted and on a total endorphin high, and I wondered why I ever dreaded bouldering. I’m sure next time I go I’ll freak out halfway up some easy problem and remember exactly why I occasionally dread bouldering, but that’s a problem for 2012. And crossing an item off the list makes up for the giant 0 currently next to “11 one-minute planks” on my Google Doc.

2. Nothing tastes better than beer and a burger after bouldering. However, beer and a burger after bouldering on a work night may result in crashing fully clothed on top of your bed and skipping your silly fitness challenge’s 10 minutes of core work as well as other activities such as brushing your teeth and removing your contact lenses before waking up at 3 a.m. with Black Butte breath. It’s a hazard, is all I’m saying.

3. I still have not registered for any new 2012 races. On the one hand, I’m staring at two months with no particular obligations and a chance to go into the spring fully rested and fully healthy — a rarity for me. I’ve been training for one half or another since June. On the other hand, I’m ready to try and race a PR half right now, thank you very much, and I’m largely of the mind that if I want to maintain any semblance of a running base between now and the start of triathlon training, it really wouldn’t be that much harder to stay in half-marathon shape. If there were a half-marathon this weekend, I’d go race it, no question. But for some reason, when I actually have to plunk down $50 and commit to doing something in February or March, I don’t go through with it. I’m trying to remind myself that last year I didn’t register for Kaiser until I was slightly tipsy on New Year’s Eve — and I was much less prepared to run a race on four weeks’ training then than I would be now. I’m not sure what I’m saying here — decisions are best made late in the game and with a beer in hand? — but I suppose I’m leaning toward doing whatever I want between now and the 31st and then making a command decision on a race before fees go up. I feel lost without a goal, but “be healthy and rested and ready to tackle new adventures in 2012” could be a goal, too, right?

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