Wordless(ish) Wednesday: I Got My Snow!

I’d heard it was supposed to start snowing sometime on Tuesday, and when I finally parted the curtains mid-morning (after a late wake-up prompted by late-night Boggle-playing), I saw this:

Yeah, that's through a window screen. With an iPhone. Sorry.

I went upstairs and my brother-in-law gestured to the window and said, “No running today, eh?” And then he realized I was wearing running clothes.

It was thick, slushy snow, and the air was warm enough that it wasn’t really freezing — a little slippery, sure, but not slick like my one “OK-this-is-my-limit” run on iced-over snow-packed sidewalks last year. So I ran, slowly, carefully, as giant snowflakes caught in my eyelashes and flew with surprising velocity into my open, stupid-grinning mouth.


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