Things I Did and Didn’t Do

Things that have and have not happened so far in 2012:

* I did register for Kaiser on New Year’s with a cocktail in my hand for the second year in a row. My e-mail tells me the actual registration happened at 1:30 a.m., so somewhere in between the living room rap battles and the hours of watching ’90s music videos on YouTube. As it should be.

* I did not register for the Oakland Half, or the Oakland 5K, or any of the other races happening at the Oakland Running Festival. Yet. The fee went up on the 1st, and I knew that and filled out 85% of the registration form and still couldn’t convince myself to do it. Now it’ll cost the same up till the race happens/sells out, so I can let all these other factors — learning more about the triathlon training schedule, seeing if I get my sub-2 at Kaiser, deciding if I want to get a baseline 5K early in the year, finding out which friends are running — guide my decision.

* I did decide to change up my running schedule a bit for 2012, or at least to try to. I’m attempting to move my long runs to Saturday and add a short run on Sunday that will serve as a recovery run now and (presumably, based on what I can see from old pages on the internet) prepare me for the brick run of triathlon training. I’m hopeful this will be a way to get in some higher (for me) mileage without just making all my runs longer; I can’t really imagine getting through marathon training running 3x/week. I’m also scared of injury. But I will probably always be scared of injury, and this is still a point in training where I can back off if I need to.

* I did not make it out of bed yesterday to get to the track before work. First early alarm in a couple of weeks + the cold I inevitably caught while traveling + deep San Francisco fog = an extra half-hour in bed seemed like a better option. (But I did manage four miles — y’know, everything I had planned *but* the speedwork — and got to say hi to the park for the first time in 2012.)

* I did run twice over New Year’s weekend, which — considering the sheer quantity of food and beverage consumed in our rental house — I feel deserves some kind of medal. My last run of 2011 took me down the winding road from the house into downtown Cloverdale, along a pretty path by the river, and then alllll the way back up. It was a beautiful day for running — 60 degrees, sunny — and I failed to pack sunscreen, so I slathered wimpy SPF moisturizer over most of my body and wore way too many clothes and was pretty overheated by the end, but the run itself was lovely.

* I did not run fast at any point in the last three weeks. Snowy and social miles have been great, but I didn’t put another goal race on my calendar only to not fight for it. My base distance is there (I’m never one to be all, “those 9 miles felt so easy!” but of all the things that were hard about my New Year’s Eve run, managing the distance wasn’t one of them). Now I just need to find some speed to come with it.

* I did decide I should throw my own faux race for my 30th birthday in a couple of weeks. A friend suggested that everyone should have to run or walk the number of minutes they are old, which I kind of like. What else do I need? A starting line … medals … post-race refreshments of some sort?

Everyone says the best way to run faster is to…run faster, so any favorite tips for running faster and not just saying “this is haaaaaaard” and jogging home?


9 thoughts on “Things I Did and Didn’t Do

  1. Naomi says:

    I registered for Kaiser and Oakland – hope to see you at both! Faux birthday party race sounds fun – you could have birthday cake at the end! 😀

    • kimretta says:

      Yes — it would be great to meet in person! I suspect I’ll end up running *something* at Oakland, distance TBD 😉

  2. Linda says:

    Love the Faux Birthday Race plan. I promise to add 64 minutes from the East Coast if it’s not 10 degrees and snowy. (Will treadmill minutes count if it is?!) Seriously, have a wonderful time on your 30th–no one deserves a great day more than you. Cupcakes? Shortbread? Humphrey Slocume ice cream cake?

  3. Linda says:

    Ah…make that Slocombe! (We’ll treat if you’d like.)

  4. Diana says:

    Intervals, baby! If you find you have to treadmill it at any point because of weather or whatnot, its a great way to work on speed.

    • kimretta says:

      I really should try the treadmill more for this sort of thing! I’ve gotten better at making myself maintain speed on the track, but I can still stop. On the treadmill I pretty much have to just suck it up (…or fall off).

  5. katie says:

    I think it’s good to take a break from fast every now and then!

  6. Beth says:

    I did my first marathon on running 3x per week, so it can be done. I highly recommend the recovery run post long run though. Its slow and creaky, but I think it really helps.

    As for getting faster, yep intervals.

  7. Angela says:

    I love Kaiser! it’s super close to home & you can’t beat the price. I’d definitely be running it this year if i thought there was any chance in hades I’d be in shape for it by then.

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