Random Friday Facts

A la Katie

  1. I have been writing things on the internet in some form since I was 15 — half my life. It would be extremely weird for me not to write things on the internet.
  2. Among the crafty hobbies I have tried and discarded over the years: making jewelry, making soap, crocheting.
  3. I prefer fruity candy to chocolate candy, and my favorite flavor is “green” — which I believe covers lime, watermelon, and green apple.
  4. Related: A few years ago I suddenly stopped liking milk chocolate. One day, M&Ms just tasted like chalk.
  5. To wrap up this unintentional chocolate-themed section: I think all Gu besides chocolate mint tastes like boogers.
  6. I’m a great events planner, but only if the event is one I want to attend, which is why I probably couldn’t do it for a career.
  7. I am permanently baffled by the nutritional information on popcorn, which is weird, because I eat a lot of popcorn.
  8. My favorite way to eat popcorn is with Penzeys Chili 9000 and Smoky 4S salt and parmesan, popped in half olive oil/half vegetable oil on the stove with a little bit of melted butter drizzled over it to make the toppings stick.
  9. As a general rule, I won’t pay for shipping.
  10. One round of stroke technique classes and one round of coached workouts in my adult swimming history, and I can still only breathe on the right.
  11. My hometown is also Jimmy Stewart’s hometown.
  12. When I finished my first 10K, the first thing I said was, “I never want to run longer than that in my life.”
  13. Bananas are the worst.
  14. The first beer I liked was a raspberry lambic. Now most of my favorite beers are porters.
  15. I have a Google Doc of races I want to do someday, just in case I get bored and want to idly plan my 2014 race schedule or something.
  16. I used to walk about a mile each way to work in heels. That seems completely ridiculous to me now.
  17. I could happily eat soup every day year-round. Twice a day, if possible.
  18. The only herb that will grow in my kitchen is basil.
  19. When I was a kid, I used to watch Unsolved Mysteries late at night in the basement just to freak myself out.
  20. I realized the other day that I haven’t seen a spider in my apartment in years. Apparently the cats are earning their rent.

4 thoughts on “Random Friday Facts

  1. I love soup as well, and I agree, I could eat it for every meal!!!

  2. katie says:

    watermelon and green apple, yum. and porters are also my fave!

  3. Theodora says:

    What races are on this spreadsheet of yours??

    • kimretta says:

      Oh man — the Midnight Sun Marathon, Vancouver Marathon, Barb’s Race triathlon, Cherry Blossom 10-Miler…. there are a lot! And I just found out via Runner’s World that there are races that are run/bike/snowshoe/cross-country ski, so THAT too.

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