Three Things Thursday

1. Tonight I am taking myself on a date to watch figure skating. The US Championships are in San Jose this year, a fact I’d somehow missed until I spotted a billboard along 101 on the way back from our holiday travels. Even though I follow skating with somewhat less fervor than I used to back in high school (when I read websites — well, I guess they were blogs, but nobody called them that then — about up-and-coming skaters and watched early-season competitions and even contributed some rather embarrassing content to figure skating message boards that I can still turn up when I google especially hard), I couldn’t pass up the chance to go to such a big event just an hour away. The way the sessions were divided for ticketing made it tricky for me to choose which competition I wanted to see — half of the men’s final and half of the pairs final on Sunday? part of the ladies’ final on Saturday? — but I ultimately settled on seeing the entire ladies’ short program, which isn’t televised here and thus feels extra-special to see live. San Jose also scored the Olympic gymnastics trials this year, and my 15-year-old self is kind of freaking out.

2. I may be tapering for Kaiser more than I intended, because my left shin has decided to hate me. Tracing back the chain of events, I’m fairly certain this stems not from the Fauxterfront 10-Miler but from my mad dash through the airport on Sunday carrying two bags heavy enough that my car turns off the airbag when I put them in the front seat because they weigh as much as your average toddler. So that was stupid. A similar thing happened before this same race last year, and that turned out OK, so I am working on not freaking out, foam rolling, icing, and did I mention not freaking out? I know that even if I don’t run a step until the race (ETA: which would be a far more dramatic worst-case scenario than I’m expecting), it’ll be OK; the hard work is done. But just when I was feeling so proud of myself for being so strong and injury-free this training cycle…you know.

3. Somehow, I have gotten the urge to try trail running. I was looking through some old hiking photos recently, and it reminded me how much I miss being on trails. I basically swapped hiking for running a few years back and never gave much thought to what I was really losing — the peace of the trails, the joy of cresting a hill, the views from the summit. Sometimes I forget that my first-ever race was half on trails — and that the trail half was what I loved. The one thing holding me back is my severe dislike of going downhill; I hate it when I’m walking, so I expect I’ll hate it even more when I’m supposed to be running. (I’ve always wanted to do one of the hikes into the Grand Canyon because you get the descent over with first.) But — even if I slow down on the downhills, even if it’s a walk-run the whole time, who cares? It’s a way to get back to something I love. I should have some time between Kaiser and triathlon training, and between triathlon training and Berlin training, to start exploring. Who wants to come with?

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7 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Linda says:

    Enjoy the Ladies Short tonight! Would love to be there with you.

  2. Beth says:

    Trail running is so fun! This is your hobby, right? Do what makes you most happy!

  3. Kristina says:

    Good luck with the shin – injuries are so frustrating!
    I’ve done a few trail runs and they are AWESOME! I do know what you mean about giving up hiking while focusing on training for specific events. I haven’t been for a good long hike until this past summer, and even that was minimal. Fortunately, the hills will always be there!

  4. Do you know about Brazen Racing? They do 5K/10K/half marathon trail races in the Bay Area more or less once a month, and they always put on a great event. You should check it out!

  5. katie says:

    my shin freaks out all the time. it will be ok, i promise.

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