Two out of Two Doctors Agree…

…all of the required pieces of my leg are intact and the wounded-horse treatment will not be required.

{Is anyone else watching Luck? You guys. I was not into horses as a kid, have never been into horse racing, and I was so tense during the big race in the pilot that I was clenching my blanket in my fists. Hooked.}

Since the last time I saw this doctor, the practice moved offices (he says, “we’ve been up here for six months!” and I say, “do I get a pat on the back for not coming here for six months, then?”), and all the new exam rooms have portable ultrasound machines. So I got to see! inside! my leg! Which, to me, just looked like an undifferentiated mass of black and white areas, except I could see things making slow waves when I wiggled my toes. I’m just, like, one appointment away from my degree, right?

Anyway. His diagnosis was tenosynovitis, which I had to google and copy-paste to spell right, versus tendonitis. One is the sheath (heh) and one is the tendon, but beyond that, I’m not sure if there are meaningful differences, and if we hadn’t been able to see! inside! my leg! I wonder if there would have even been a distinction made. Regardless, his general opinion was: if it already feels better, it’s going away, and usually when it goes away it stays away, and if it doesn’t stay away … I go see him again in a while. He’s pro-Aleve (as long as I taper off it soon, which I intend to, because it makes me spacey, and the only way to head that off is to eat more when I take it, and believe me when I say my pants and I will all be happier when I’m running again), pro-Adrenalines (weird wear patterns and all), and most of all, pro-me running this weekend. A little. Like, “How about maybe NOT a long run?” I guess I’m that obvious.

That said, I’m glad he said “the weekend” and not “immediately,” because I’m a little gun-shy. I’ve been injured enough and come back enough that I dread the kind of runs where all I’m doing is waiting for pain; I also hate the idea that I could undo whatever healing has happened in the past couple of weeks. And to be honest, I’m not quite feeling all-systems-go just yet (but the same thing happened with my achilles, when my recovery plateaued for weeks until I started gently running again). It’s also Beer Week, one weekend I’d normally be happy to not give a second thought to running. Permission to skip long run granted? Awesome. Another pint, please.

Except: I need to decide whether I’m plunking down god-I-don’t-even-want-to-say-how-many-dollars for the triathlon training group (not to mention the actual triathlon) by the 16th. For me to feel comfortable with that, I need to run a couple of times without shriek-inducing pain before that.

So: A few more days of swimming and biking and icing and hoping. A test run. And then a plan. Whatever it may be.


8 thoughts on “Two out of Two Doctors Agree…

  1. katie says:

    horse treatment is for really desperate cases, I’m glad it’s not you!

  2. Linda says:

    Good news! Whatever the plan, the decision will be the right one. Here’s to swimming and biking and RUNNING again! Have fun doing all three!

  3. Diana says:

    Yay for answers!!! I’m so happy you got clarification~ party on, and have a beer for me!

  4. Naomi says:

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Interesting diagnosis – I wonder if that is what I had in Fall 2010. Injuries are so mysterious and really takes a toll on your psyche. I know how you feel about being apprehensive – keep at it – it’s all a learning experience that makes us stronger!

    • kimra says:

      I think the psychological part is the worst. I’m an overanalyzer anyway, and so the endless “does this hurt it? what about THIS?” drives me nuts! Some days it feels like I’m getting better, some like I’m at square one, but I guess I’ve dealt with enough dumb injuries that I expect that now.

  5. Katie says:

    BEER WEEK?!?! For the love of G-d, woman, take that doctor’s advice and take it easy this weekend! For the sake of healing up your tenosynovitis, obvs. 😉
    (I had to cut and paste that word from your post.)

    • kimra says:

      Hahaha, there is actually a Beer Run during Beer Week. It ends with $1 off pints and an optional stop at a brewery in the middle. I just might make it my comeback run!

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