Random Friday Facts: Firsts Edition

In honor of my first triathlon, a look at some other firsts.

  1. No, I’m not talking about that one. Sickos.
  2. The first time I ran as an adult was about eight blocks — from my apartment to where my street crossed Van Ness Avenue, up to the next street, and home. I had just gotten my Nike+ kit and had my sensor tied to my shoe in a ziploc bag. It did not work.
  3. The first time I dye my hair, I will be sad. I have rejected a number of hairstylists’ pleadings to make me a redhead over the years — even though I have always wanted to be a redhead, deep down — because I am proud of never having dyed my hair. But I see the streak ending sometime before, oh, age 35.
  4. The first time I kissed a boy, I was 16.
  5. The first cell phone I ever owned was an ugly silver flip phone, and I bought more or less the same phone three more times. One of them is still sitting on my bookshelf.
  6. The first pets I had were Ish and Bish (The Two Goldfish). They got some weird disease and were “let go into a creek at Getty Heights Park,” which probably means they were flushed down the toilet. Hi, mom!
  7. The first time I lied to my parents (not including “no, I didn’t break that glass/knock over the dog food,” and by the way, those lies don’t work when you’re an only child) was when I was in 10th grade. Our teachers were on strike, so school was out, and I was hanging out with the Spanish exchange group, and the older kids wanted to drive to the coffee house. (The coffee house had a name, but it doesn’t matter, because we just called it “the coffee house.”) I’d told my parents I would ask permission before we went anywhere, but I actually got in the car with one of my friends and called my parents from the pay phone by the coffee shop and pretended to ask permission. I remember the call excruciatingly well, because I was and am a terrible liar, and I know it was obvious I was lying. Hi again, mom!
  8. The first apartment I lived in was in Erie, PA, when I was a newspaper intern. It was technically a dorm, but it had its own kitchen and living room, so whatever, it was an apartment. It was next to a bar called Antlers that held wet T-shirt contests. It was also next to a Catholic university.
  9. The first concert I went to was The Cranberries at the Star Lake Amphitheater. This girl‘s dad chaperoned. We went to the Ticketmaster counter in Giant Eagle at 10 a.m. the day tickets went on sale to buy our seats.
  10. The first time I ever did a shot, I was with newspaper coworkers in my hometown, in the basement bar of the Brown Hotel. It was a “Southern Blue,” Southern Comfort and blueberry Schnapps. No bartender I’ve encountered since has heard of this drink. I was possibly not yet technically 21.
  11. The first legal drink I had was at the 1800 Club in Evanston, IL. RIP, Hundo.
  12. The first time I cooked eggplant, I was living with my friend Lauren. We owned one baking pan and one kitchen knife between us. We had no idea what to do — was googling recipes not a thing yet in 2002? did we not have internet? we actually may not have had internet — and so we stared at it for about 10 minutes before giving in and calling her Italian father, who talked us through a very elementary version of eggplant parmesan.
  13. The first time I wrote something on the internet, I was 15. And I haven’t stopped yet, so watch out, world.
  14. The first thing I remember saving up my own money for was an American Girl doll. Or maybe it was a Game Boy. Those were the first two, anyway, and I’d save my money in the rabbit-shaped wooden bank my grandfather had made for me. The front was a plexiglass panel I had to screw off to get access to the money, and I taped over the screws with double-stick tape to discourage me from breaking in early.
  15. The first plane flight I took was to London, en route to visit family in Scotland. I was 6 and reportedly did not sleep a wink on the plane and then became standoffish with a customs official who didn’t want to stamp my Cabbage Patch Kid’s passport.
  16. The first time I drove a car, I did not have a license. But my dad was with me.
  17. The first roller coaster I rode that went upside-down was the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens.
  18. The first time I remember really, really wanting something, I was 9, and I wanted to be the Game Lab girl at Nickelodeon Studios. Game Lab was what they did when no shows were filming, and it was where they tested things like the pie slingshot for Double Dare. One kid got to be the guinea pig for each show. I auditioned three times in one day, but I kept losing in the last leg, which was a sprinting footrace. I think someone took pity on me, because I got to be the Game Lab girl for the last show of the day. The highlight was getting slimed. I’m pretty sure we almost missed our flight home because of Game Lab.
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5 thoughts on “Random Friday Facts: Firsts Edition

  1. Linda says:

    Just to confirm: Ish and Bish really did end up at Getty Heights Park (but we’re pretty sure they were DOA); yep, you are/were a terrible liar (but we pretended anyway); and, yep again, on that almost missed flight home.(Note: Hair covered in green slime is very difficult to manage!) And …go for the red hair like I did! Seriously.

    • Don says:

      Ish and Bish were well enough to swim away down the creek.

      #16 “. . . and after I backed over a stake holding down a parking block I dented the back bumper, and then I drove the car forward into the back brick wall of Montgomery Ward – or maybe the wall thing was the second time….” 😉

      • kimretta says:

        The wall thing was definitely the second time. Or possibly it was the third time, and the parking block thing was the second time? Did I break anything on the very first drive? Also, I did not “dent” the bumper, I pretty near ripped it off.

  2. katie says:

    I like these facts! the first time I “drove” a car I was 2 years old. whoops.

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