Race Recap: Bay to Breakers 12K

As with most races, I started preparing for the 101st annual Bay to Breakers 12K the night before β€” eating a healthy, carb-heavy dinner …

smoked linguine and cocoa torchio from SPQR

… and carefully setting out my clothing for race morning.

all ready to go

The alarm went off far too early for a Sunday morning, but Pete and I didn’t hesitate long. After all, we had to figure out the optimal proportion of champagne to orange juice for race-day hydration.

water bottle mimosas FTW

Unfortunately, we soon realized our water-bottle mixology experiments had taken away our chance to catch the last train to the race start. Luckily, we live not far from the race course and knew we could hop in along the way. It wasn’t the tortilla-throwing, cheering, loudspeakered official start, but it would have to do. So we dressed in our best wicking gear …

unicorn vs narwhal

…and walked a mile into Hayes Valley, entering the course somewhere around mile two.

Heading up Hayes Street

Unfortunately, my Nike sportwatch took a while to connect to satellites …

satellites must have been overwhelmed by all the serious runners

… but we just followed the helpful signs posted along the way …


… and soon we made it to the top of the hill, where a bunch of Elvii were waiting to celebrate our athletic feat.

Elvises on Hayes Street

The hardest part of the course was behind us, but we’d sadly polished off all of our hydration. And unlike others, we hadn’t thought about a refueling strategy.

PBR in the park

Then, for a moment, we thought the race might be occupied!

Occupy Bay to Breakers

But our games of “real cop or fake cop?” made us confident that everyone would be kept in line, and soon, we were smiling for the cameras in the park.

photographers ahead

Just as our energy was starting to flag, we spotted those namesake breakers.

ahoy! breakers!

After a hard left turn onto the Great Highway, the end was in sight.

made it!

And before long, we were crossing the finish line at the stellar pace of three-point-something miles per hour.

shadow unicorn, shadow narwhal

I learned a lot from this race, and I look forward to applying some of the key lessons to my future athletic endeavors. Such as:

  • Ten ounces of mimosa is not enough to fuel 10 miles of walking; better pack a second bottle next time.
  • Maneuvering in a portapotty while wearing a unicorn horn is not the easiest.
  • Forget Niketown or Fleet Feet; Party City is where the real elites shop.
  • Eight miles must be a really long way to walk in a full-body fox costume.

fantastic foxes. mr. fox? mrs. fox? hard to say.

Watch picture or it didn’t happen.

minus the mile the satellite didn’t pick up. and the mile we walked to get to that mile. and the five miles we walked home.
For a joke of a race, my feet sure are sore.

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5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Bay to Breakers 12K

  1. Beth says:

    Congrats! You are an inspiration! Sweet horn…. πŸ™‚

  2. Well done!!!!! Getting the proportions right in your mimosa for optimal hydration is indeed critical.

  3. Rachel says:

    haha gotta love b2b!

  4. 21776drg says:

    Rename the race ” Bay to Bonkers”Great looking race and terrific costumes. How did you do? Although a “time” is hardly necessary. Being there is everything. You done good.

  5. Kelly says:

    that race looks like a ridiculous amount of fun. It’s definitely on my must-do list! So crazy. Nice job πŸ™‚

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