Less-Wordy-Than-Usual Wednesday: Stamps

I will not miss this passport photo.

OK, there was one nice thing about it: I never had to wonder what the worst photo ever taken of me would look like. Because I had that photo. It’s right there.

I was 20 when I got that passport. I remember standing in the post office in downtown Erie, PA, as the clerk took photo after photo, struggling to view them on the bulky digital camera they’d just started using for passport photos, finally declaring she’d gotten something suitable. I shudder to think what the others looked like.

So no, I will not miss this passport photo.

But I will miss these stamps.

A record of a life lived. Our honeymoon to Madeira, when we almost got stuck in Lisbon and boarded the plane with hand-written tickets. Paris, just months later, when we’d gotten paid a ludicrous lump sum to move out of our old apartment and decided to spend it in another country. Costa Rica, where we crashed someone else’s 30th birthday party in the jungle.

I didn’t plan for my passport year to line up with my decade, but I’m glad it does. Starting my 30s with a literal fresh book. Blank pages to fill.

I eagerly await my new license to adventure.

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7 thoughts on “Less-Wordy-Than-Usual Wednesday: Stamps

  1. More things we have in common: The embarrassing passport photos of us in our 20s. You new ones are so cute!

  2. Linda says:

    Nice picture! Here’s to many wonderful adventures. Enjoy them all!

  3. OMG, I wish I had *ever* had an ID photo as good as your new ones taken! Well done!

    • kimretta says:

      In the interest of full disclosure, they actually look slightly better in the post than they do in actual life. Regardless, still a better look than “possibly sociopathic ex-linebacker”

  4. Beth says:

    I was going to ask what adventures you have planned, but DUH Berlin!! Happy travels!

  5. campbell says:

    This is happening to me too! and I have the EXACT SAME PICTURE (only of me), taken in the Evanston post office when I was maybe going to go join my friend in Prague but then didn’t. (Those expedited passport fees seem especially offensive when you end up not using the passport at all.) So a decade of travel to Pamplona and Paris and Prague (eventually!) is in the books. On to the next.

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