Random Friday Facts

Random pretty much sums up the level of order I can put to my thoughts right now, so let’s get to it.

1. I have a rule that I should spend at least as much time in a place as I spend traveling to and from that place. If I’m going to drive four hours one way, I need to spend at least eight hours at the destination. I am violating that rule so hard right now.

2. The strangest place I’ve ever run was Universal Studios, California, before it opened for the day. When I think back on that, I’m quite sure I wasn’t supposed to be there, much less running. But nobody ever yelled at me.

3. I have a strong sense of smell and a strong aversion to a lot of smells. It’s at worst minorly annoying in everyday life, but I really fear for what will happen if I’m ever pregnant.

4. One of the smells that makes me happiest, though, is chlorine in a hotel pool. We stayed at the same hotel every summer for years and years; that pool is where I learned to swim, and when I smell chlorine in a hotel hallway, it takes me right back there.

5. Speaking of learning to swim, I technically never passed Advanced Beginners, though I think I took the class three times. I forget which thing I wouldn’t do, but it might have been diving in or something having to do with treading water.

6. I already have my post-run lunches for my next two long runs picked out. Nevermind that I haven’t decided on the routes for those two long runs.

7. I have a fear of being stuck somewhere without food when I’m traveling. I brought one granola bar to the airport with me yesterday, but I worried it wouldn’t be enough, so I bought another. Obviously, I haven’t touched either.

8. My parents celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary yesterday. (Hi, mom!) I’m so grateful to have grown up with their relationship as my primary model for marriage.

9. Places I most want to go: Japan, New Zealand, Peru. Japan may happen in 2013, if everything falls right.

10. I’m a horrible singer. I’m just not-tone-deaf enough to know that I might as well be tone deaf.

11. I hate watching YouTube videos, unless they’re of adorable animals. In general, when anyone says the words, “Have you seen the YouTube video where _______,” I’m overcome with a strong feeling of dread.

12. I’m always late. I’ve tried all the tricks — make up a fake arrival time, set my watch ahead, etc. — but I’m still always late. I think it takes me less time to do things than it actually does.

13. I’m going through a hard-boiled-egg phase.

14. I gave up diet soda for a month last year, and it just made me crave candy.

15. Speaking of which, when I got to my hotel at 2 a.m. this morning after my work observation session, the only thing I wanted in the world was a Mountain Dew. I don’t even like Mountain Dew, but nothing but an ice-cold Mountain Dew was going to make me happy in that moment. Lo and behold, the hotel vending machine had Mountain Dew! But it was $1.50, and the machine didn’t take $5s, and I had exactly $1.49. I’m not proud of this, but I checked all the coin returns in the vending machines, just in case. No luck, no Dew. (I know — cool story, bro. Hey, I haven’t slept much over here.)


3 thoughts on “Random Friday Facts

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  2. Rachel says:

    love 1, 6, 7, and 12 especially is true for me! i’m the kind of person who says i’m on my way when in reality i just got out of the shower!

  3. Linda says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Kimra. The best thing we’ve done in 43 years? Have an awesome daughter like you! On to 44!

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