Berlin Marathon Training: Week 10

Week 10. Holy sneakers. The week when AP style tells me to start typing the week count in digits rather than spelling out numbers. Solidly more than halfway through my training, smack in the middle of my last big build. Eleven weeks ago, I was still run/walking. Last week, I hit 30 miles.

That 30 is one of those big milestones for me — a number I’ve, for whatever reason, long associated with being a Real Runner. I’ve hit it before, but rarely, and the previous times involved Girls on the Run 5Ks that were walked or galloped or skipped at least as much as they were run. This week, I got there by really running every one of those miles, and when I had even the most fleeting thought of cutting a run short, I remembered: 30.

I’m happy with my 18-miler, but I’m actually even more proud of the seven miles I logged on Thursday. I’m not much of a morning person, but I can make myself get out of bed at a time that starts with a 5 if there’s really no other choice. So I was up with a 5, and out the door at 6 with the sun barely up, to sneak in a run before a mid-morning flight. Getting up so early made it feel almost like a race morning, and that energy pushed me to one of the strongest runs of this training cycle. Part of me wishes I could run early more often, but I also like saving that adrenaline for when I really need it.


Monday: I hit snooze a few too many times in the morning, but I hauled my gym bag to work and went straight to the pool in the evening. The 24 Hour Fitness pool is completely unpredictable — the last time I went after work I spent more time waiting than swimming, but this time I had a lane to myself and got through 1800 yards of drills, freestyle, and pull sets in about 45 minutes.

Tuesday: In the morning, 5 miles in two loops, one of the Panhandle and one through the Mission. Running the morning after a swim is always a little rough, but I was surprised to feel at least decent so soon after my first 16-miler. Yoga at night.

Wednesday: 50 minutes of aquajogging

Thursday: The aforementioned early run, which made me feel awesome(ly superior, let’s be honest) for the rest of the day. I ran the first three or so miles without music as the sun was rising, then switched on a podcast when I needed a boost for the second half. Though I started fairly slow, I felt strong coming back up the hill from Stow Lake and decided to just go with it, ending with two miles in the 8:50s.

Friday: Rest, without a whole lot of actual rest — a handful of hours of sleep after a late-night work session and then a couple of brief catnaps on the plane. At least I got in bed early before Saturday’s long run.

Saturday: 18 miles, like this.

Sunday: 14.5-mile recovery ride through the park and along the Great Highway. Ever since I got confident enough to ride on the Great Highway itself, I have two options when I get to the ocean: ride on the highway and get better road but frequent stoplights, or ride on the multi-use path, which is bumpy and sandy but at least uninterrupted. (I didn’t say they were good options.) For the first time in a while, I took the path, and while it’s still a sand trap, I think it made me less ragey overall.

Week 10 by the Numbers

  • 30 miles run, “5 miles” aquajogged
  • 14.5 miles biked
  • 40 yards of backstroke attempted; both lane lines hit
  • 2 trips to Sports Basement
  • 1 larger water bottle and 1 flamingo swimsuit purchased. Because who doesn’t need a flamingo-print swimsuit?
  • 5 podcasts listened to while running/aquajogging. The Guts Radiolab = highly recommended.
  • 1 fruitless search for a bridesmaid dress that doesn’t look dumb with my tan lines.
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2 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon Training: Week 10

  1. Kelly says:

    nice running! especially the 18 miler 🙂 it’s hard to imagine being so “deep” into training already. I feel like the time is flying, which is both exciting and terrifying!

  2. Kristina says:

    Congrats on such a solid week of training and on hitting 30!
    The weekly report is great – thanks for sharing. I wish that I had written a weekly log for my half-IM, but most of the time I thought that I was doing everything so half-assed that I didn’t want anyone to witness my training, even if was just through reading my training log.

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