Berlin Marathon Training: Week 14

Week 14 was technically my first week of taper, but it was really a transition. During the week, I ran the same mileage as I had during my peak weeks — but then I capped it off with a substantially shorter long run. Until the weekend, it didn’t feel like much of a break, but considering that I’m a little afraid of losing momentum, that was fine by me.

Last week also featured my first-ever double run day, during which I got to run with a coworker during her first race. My marathon training has been much less social than I assumed it would be; I’ve done a few runs with friends, but I’ve also been self-conscious about my pace and wedded to my schedule. Getting to do an easy, chatty social run turned out to be an unexpected treat.

The details:

Monday: I woke up the day after my 22-miler to swim but realized that morning was my only chance to pool-run. My impulse decision cost me a bit of time — I only got in 40 minutes instead of my planned 50 — but my pool-running friend was there, so the benefit was spending half the workout chatting.

Tuesday: We had a bit of a pet emergency Monday night, and while things seem to be fine now, I was up late and kind of a mess and turned this into a rest day.

Wednesday: Double day! First, I ran 4.5ish miles in the morning, working with the downhill to make it a progression run (10:11-9:07; last .66 at 8:38 pace). Then, after work, I ran the 3.5-mile Chase Challenge with a coworker, finishing in just over 45 minutes. She had one hell of a finish and almost out-kicked me!

Thursday: I swam and don’t remember a damn thing about it. Oh wait, yes I do — at one point, I got smacked in the thigh by the guy swimming next to me, except in the moment I thought he was trying to grab my ass, and I screamed and popped up out of the water and generally made a bit of a scene. I’m quite sure it was incidental contact, but still, blech. Probably 1200-ish yards, 30-ish minutes.

Friday: A mind-over-matter run of 5 miles the morning after a bachelorette party. A friend saw me on this run and later said she didn’t stop to say hi because I was “in the zone,” and I suppose that’s one word for what I was in.

Saturday: Rest, or whatever dancing for 2+ hours at a wedding is, which is not rest.

Sunday: 12 miles, the last hard run before Berlin.

Key goals for Week 15: Trust the taper; ride my bike at least once; go to yoga . Oh, and do my damn PT exercises again, and try a super-slow, super-easy walk-run the day before my “long run” in preparation for Berlin’s “breakfast run.” Two more weeks!

Week 14 by the Numbers:

  • 25 miles run, plus “four miles” in the pool
  • 4:12 difference between my fastest and slowest miles (13:16 – 9:04)
  • 2 Giant Race signs spotted on Sunday’s run; zero regrets about skipping that race this year
  • 1 wedding (#2 of 3) attended; much dancing done
  • 2 Berlin packing lists started (1 for my liquids bag, 1 for other stuff)
  • 0 bike rides; Penelope clearly has been neglected
  • 1 amazing stretching session after Sunday’s run; “more of that, please” says my body
  • 2 times in a row Safeway has actually had ice for my ice bath, which is a damn miracle
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4 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon Training: Week 14

  1. Karyn says:

    On your notes about Thursday’s swim, I totally read “and I screamed and popped…” as “pooped”. I had to do a double take and re-read that, haha. Definitely made me snicker.

    Anyway, congrats on getting to the taper! Enjoy it 🙂

  2. Kathy_QN says:

    Hello, I found your blog through Theodora’s and I just wanted to tell you I really like it! I would love to do a marathon in Europe and I can’t wait to hear how it is. Also, I feel like a very un-social runner during marathon training too, since being on a specific plan doesn’t really lend itself to impromptu runs with friends. Good luck with the last few weeks!

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