Berlin Marathon Training: Week 15

So you decide to run a marathon, and you decide it should be far away. Like, in-another-country-across-an-ocean far away. Hey, you’re good at planning stuff.

And then you decide you should buy a house. And you add 30 days to the day you put the offer on the house and realize that you’re going to be out of the country for that far-away marathon on the day you might need to sign a bazillion papers to actually buy said house. But hey, surely everyone will understand and move the paperwork date up a day, or back a few. Surely.

And then your husband, your travel companion and fellow racer, gets invited to a big business meeting far away. Like, in-another-country-across-the-Equator far away. Oh, and this meeting is the day you are supposed to leave for the very-not-local marathon … which is also the day you were supposed to sign those bazillion papers for the house … except apparently they won’t be ready, so maybe you aren’t signing them anyway … and … then what?

That was Week 15. Ye gods.

So here we are: Pete is currently flying across the country, then across the Equator, then across an ocean, till we sync up in Germany on Friday. The house thing, well, we have a plan B and a plan C (since plan A, in which we buy a house on our closing date like normal humans, went out the window sometime around 3 p.m. last Thursday). And in the midst of it all, I’ve kind of forgotten I’m supposed to be running a marathon.

Which is probably good, ultimately — better to channel my energy into making an obsessive TripIt itinerary and figuring out whether we need both signatures to give notice on our apartment than focus it on 26.2, I suppose.

Anyway. In between frantic phone calls and piles of paperwork and, yes, another wedding, here’s how Week 15 went down:

Monday: Rest day. If I’d known what was coming later in the week, I would not have taken this as my rest day.

Tuesday: Three miles in the Panhandle. For the most part, I really enjoyed my longer weekday runs during training; it’s kind of hard to believe three was my standard run for so long. But this three-miler felt like a treat — I was home almost before I really woke up! Yoga at night.

Wednesday: Basically a rest day, though with a big round of PT exercises — which I slacked on for the last couple of weeks — at night.

Thursday: Five speedy-for-these-days miles. I was nervous about being late for an eye appointment, and that apparently motivated me enough to run a handful of miles in the 8s.

Friday: 40 minutes of solo aquajogging in an almost empty pool.

Saturday: In the morning, just under 3 very easy miles to surprise a friend before her wedding, run an errand with another friend, and practice finding my easiest possible pace for the Berlin Breakfast Run. (I have no idea what said pace was, because my GPS thought I was running in some other city. It turns out I cannot run from Pacifica to San Francisco in seven minutes, oddly.) In the evening, a couple of hours of wedding dancing.

Sunday: Eight miles through the park with Angela! I felt really, really good after about the first mile of this run (after I woke up, basically). I ran closer to my “normal” pace than my marathon long-run pace, and it felt smooth and just…right. A good confidence booster going in to Berlin.

Week 15 by the Numbers

  • 19.35 miles run, plus “four miles” in the pool
  • 3 great attempts at half-handstand at yoga
  • 1 major caffeine rush from cherry-lime Rocktane
  • 4 runs! And my legs didn’t fall off!
  • 1 wedding (3 of 3 in September) attended; 1 new save-the-date in our mailbox
  • 3 must-have-this-before-Berlin Amazon Prime orders placed
  • Innumerable quantities of crazy
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4 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon Training: Week 15

  1. Angela says:

    Best of luck to you both in the race & with the house stuff! Have an awesome trip! 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Holy crap. Talk about a load of stress! Good luck in Berlin and congrats on the house!!! 🙂

  3. katie says:

    Good grief, woman. You seem calm about it though, and TOTALLY READY. Have a blast!!!

  4. Jen says:

    I can only imagine how crazy your world must be right now. My first marathon will be local (CIM) and in December, yet I’m freaking out about packing and moving 1 mile away next month. It’s all a matter of perspective, I guess. Best of luck!!

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