Have Backpack, Will Run a Marathon

I know, I know, nobody has ever packed for an international marathon before.

But hey, the internet is nothing but false novelty, right? So look: I did it too!

That thing glowing bright orange in the corner is my bike rain shield/windbreaker, which is the closet thing I have to a proper waterproof jacket right now. The forecast for Munich — initially bleak — has slowly gotten brighter, so I’m hopeful I won’t need it as much as I feared. I also bought the teeny-tiniest terrible umbrella from Walgreens, and if it’s really puddle-y, I’m hoping to find a place with cheap Wellies that I can just ditch there before we fly home.

All told, we’re gone for nine days — two of which will be fairly active, one of which will be mostly travel, and the rest of which will be some combination of touring and drinking in both Berlin and Munich.

In the end, I packed: four dresses, two skirts, three pairs of leggings and three sweaters/sweatshirts (normally I’d take two of each, but I’m worried about being cold on this trip, despite the fact that the temperature is basically mirroring San Francisco’s right now), three long-sleeved tops, two short-sleeved tops, and a scarf. Running-wise, there are two pairs of shorts, two tank tops, two sports bras, a long-sleeved running shirt, calf sleeves, compression socks, armwarmers-made-of-socks, and normal socks. Unpictured: shoes (besides my Adrenalines, I’m taking my favorite walk-around shoes — Keen Siennas — and a pair of flip-flops), underwear (because you know what underwear looks like).

Here’s the marathon-stuff side of the bed:

Shot Bloks, hat, water bottle, watch, poncho in case it’s pouring while I’m waiting for the start, Nuun, headphones, backup headphones. I’m taking the lacrosse ball and a travel foam roller, the latter of which I’m planning to ditch somewhere in Germany. (I’m also fully prepared to toss the hat and the water bottle along the race course, if they’re annoying me more than they’re helping.)

This liquids bag is a thing of beauty:

I mean, holy hell. I travel with my own shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer, deodorant, toothpaste, and contact solution, and usually I buy most other things at my destination or use the hotel freebies, but this time I also wanted to take long-run-tested sunscreen, ride glide, body glide, and all that Gu. It took me a solid five minutes working the bag zipper to get this puppy closed, and I won’t be opening it till after security, but it worked.

Playlists are made, electronics charged, passport packed. Now I just need my shoes, I guess.

Time to go run a marathon?


3 thoughts on “Have Backpack, Will Run a Marathon

  1. Linda says:

    If you want to leave the umbrella at home I can pass mine along. I have a raincoat, extra socks and some Johnson’s Baby 50 suntan lotion as well. Can’t wait to see you! Travel safely and well.

  2. GOOD LUCK, Kimra!! Kick ass, run hard and own that shit 🙂

  3. Diana says:

    True story: this post was my inspiration for packing for the Grand Canyon. 1 week, 3 climates, a 30 minute connection in Atlanta, and hiking boots involved. There are no jeans in my carry on.

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