Vineman 70.3: Week 4

Big week, this one. I rode up a mountain on my bike, and then the next day I managed to not only drag myself out of bed at 4:30 a.m. but also race participate in a race with not-terribly-embarrassing results. I passed the 100-overall-miles-in-a-week mark on Dailymile for the first time (which may or may not be accurate — I haven’t always recorded mileage for, say, spin classes or trainer rides — but wheeee! numbers!). I swam four miles — which is still less than Victoria swam in a day, but which is still almost certainly an all-time high for me. Week 4 felt good.

I’m going to write a full post about my first time climbing to Alpine Dam and Seven Sisters, and I’ll recap the race-that-wasn’t-really as soon as the pictures go up, because lord knows it would be nice to have something besides a block of text ’round these parts. But before that, here’s the bare bones of Week 4.

Monday: Just over 27 miles of morning cycling around Lake Merced, in the (probably futile) hope that 23 miles on Friday + 27 miles on Monday would equal one 50-mile ride.

Tuesday: 2480 yards of swimming, including three times through a main set of 4×40, 100 kick, 300 swim at base pace. Kept tossing in random 20s of breaststroke and easy freestyle to get back to the end where my kickboard was waiting; odd numbers are annoying in a 20-yard pool.

Wednesday: A track workout of just over 5 miles, including 10×400 with 200 recovery jogs. Compared to last week’s 1000s, this just flew by, and I hit all the intervals between 2:03 (the first one) and 1:56 (three of the others, including the last one).

Thursday: I rode my bike to work in the morning and planned to ride more after, but I’d been having some shifting issues and when I saw my weekend ride — and its 3300 feet of climbing — trickle down through TrainingPeaks, I decided the better decision was to get my bike to a shop. I had to leave it overnight, so I bussed home and then did my weekly “long swim” of 2800 yards. The main set was 4×500 at tempo pace, which I decided was anything under 10:15. Swam 10:13, 10:09, 10:12, 10:09 and was pretty pleased with the effort.

Friday: Rest other than getting my bike home, ~6 commute miles.

Saturday: Alpine Dam/Seven Sisters — 33 miles, 3400 feet of climbing. So, uh, this, with a 15-minute transition run after.
Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 2.57.15 PM

Sunday: Finished the Folsom International Triathlon in 3:22. Some annoying/frustrating moments, but also a really delightful endorphin high (and equally delightful cheeseburger).

Week Four Stats

Swimming: 6920 yards
Biking: 100(!) miles — 85 “real riding”/racing miles + 15 commute miles
Running: 13 miles
Other: Hahaha, whoops.

Most proud of: Riding Alpine Dam, by far. I was more nervous about that ride than I’ve been about a race in a very long time, and in the end I left it thinking it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected.

Need to focus on: Longer rides, especially longer rides with bursts of race effort. As I re-learned in Folsom, riding hard on flat roads without stopping is way different from the type of riding I usually do (the kind where I climb a bunch of hills and stop at a bunch of stoplights).

Can’t wait for: Riding the Vineman course, finally, the weekend after next.

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One thought on “Vineman 70.3: Week 4

  1. Looks like a solid week of training! Nice Job!!
    I am always nervous for big rides. Not sure why!! Can’t wait to hear about the tri!

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