Vineman 70.3: Week Six

OK, so I learned my lesson from Week Five. Week Six — or, at least, the weekday part of Week Six — had a nice, big dose of recovery. Easy spins, easy runs, no track, lots of quality time with my compression socks and my foam roller.

And it’s a good thing, because the weekend brought the start of peak training.

The plan I’m following has what I consider two “peak weekends.” There’s a small increase in weekday volume in between them, too, but the big jump comes in both distance and importance of the weekend workouts. This weekend was the first — a swim, and my first 56-mile bike ride, and then more riding, and then a double-digit run 12 hours later (with a bit of sleep, and some beer, in the middle). It started in the Russian River, hit 96 degrees in the middle, included a photo of me giving our coach the finger (in jest…sort of), and ended with me collapsed on top of the foam roller in a shirt so thick with fog-rain I could wring it out.

It was awesome.

Just when the logistics of training were starting to get to me — just as I was stomping around angry about having to drag the stupid bike rack out of the stupid garage and put it on my stupid car at seven stupid o’clock — this weekend came around and woke me back up. Endorphin-drunk (and, OK, maybe also the kind of drunk you get off three sips of beer after riding your bike for 70 miles when it’s 96 degrees outside), awed at what my body can do, dreaming up new challenges. This close to Vineman, I think it’s a good place to be.


Monday: Rest. In retrospect I might have wanted to swim out some of the post-race soreness, but the foam roller was good for that, too.

Tuesday: In the morning, 2400 yards of swimming, including a main set of 3x(3×100, 300). At night, I hopped on the trainer for a few minutes and then rode to get burritos. ~10 miles total.

Wednesday: Skipped track in favor of a chatty run through the park with a friend, punctuated with a photo session for a Top Secret Project (TM). Just over 5 miles total.

Thursday: In the morning, a 3×600 tempo swim that went far better than last week’s. Again shooting for 12:18, and I squeaked under that marker two out of the three times. At night, “12 miles” of easy spinning in the basement while watching the NBA finals online.

Friday: Rest. I wish I could find a Friday morning yoga class, or convince myself to get up on Friday mornings and do some yoga, but I also like sleeping.

Saturday: Vineman training day: 1.2-mile swim in the Russian River, then 56 miles of cycling the race course from Johnson’s Beach to Windsor High. Then, because simply riding my longest ride ever wasn’t enough, I’d chosen the option of riding back to Guerneville, so my day ended with 15 hot and cranky miles back to the car, probably coasting as much as I pedaled. Full post to come once I’m done stealing pictures from other people.

Sunday: 11 miles of running through soupy gray fog. Chased a couple of friends for the first 8-ish, then slowed it down for the final 3 home.

Week Six Stats

Swimming: 6900 yards
Biking: 92 miles (70 “real miles,” 22 trainer/city miles)
Running: 16 miles
Other: A lot of foam roller QT

Most proud of: 70. Freaking. Miles.

Need to work on: Keeping a good attitude in bad conditions — something I did reasonably well on Saturday, but it took a lot of concentration, and friends, and promises of beer and soda and gummy candy. I’m good at whining, but whining is the easy way out; being border collie excited takes more work, but it also pays off big.

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One thought on “Vineman 70.3: Week Six

  1. Yes!! Positive attitude all the time will help!! You never now what is going to happen on race day!! Solid training week! Only a few more to go!! 🙂

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