Um, hi?
Hi. I’m Kimra.

Who are you?
I’m a barely-still-twentysomething newly 30 Pittsburgher-turned-San Franciscan living in the city with my husband, two cats, and whichever houseplants survive my benign neglect.

Yeah, but who ARE you?
I’m a reformed wimp who’s learned to love racing and rock climbing. I’m a snob about beer, chocolate, and television. I like cooking but love baking. I go through an absurd amount of sunscreen, watch a lot of football, and drink plenty of coffee.

Haven’t I seen you around these parts before?
Quite possibly. I’m a serial blog-starter. I used to blog for work, and since then I’ve bounced between projects focused on cooking, baking, San Francisco lunch spots with WiFi, and media. I even had a previous blog about my forays into outdoor adventures. Some of those will still be updated, and some of the content will end up over here now. It’s a work in progress.

So why start another blog?
Yup, that’s a question I’ve been asking myself. I’ve always been a writer, and writing is how I keep a handle on what’s going on in my life. Lately, what’s been going on in my life is some pretty big goal-setting, especially on the athletic side of things. Take those two things together, add in the long list of runners and triathletes whose blogs I’ve loved and learned from, and here we are.

I’m also about to be 30. These things are probably related.

What’s with the name of this blog?
A similar phrase popped into my head once to describe the overall experience of swimming at my gym’s pool, a weird little microcosm of San Francisco life. I later realized it applies perfectly to lots of things I do — from deciding to train for a triathlon to accidentally making lollipops in the kitchen. Consider it a term of endearment: I love my dumb adventures!

Surely I must be able to follow you on some sort of social media contraption.
You are correct. I hang out on Twitter and dailymile, so feel free to join me. You can also e-mail me, but I’m terrible at responding to e-mail, so please don’t be offended if it takes me ages to write back.

One thought on “About

  1. Reg Holden says:

    Hi Kimra. My name is Reg with Coeur Sports. Thank you for the comments on our tri shorts. We make our fabric from scratch at a mill here in L.A. and have tweaked the formula a bit and think we have found the sweet spot. Wanted to see if we could send you a new pair to review. If so, my email is reg@coeursports.com

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