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The Beginning

These are the goals that started this blog:

Sub-2:00 half-marathon.
Olympic triathlon.

I’ve said them aloud. I’ve talked about them with other similarly goal-oriented folks. I’ve even posted them publicly where others could see.

But they’re not real to me until I write about them.

So I set up this space to talk about what it’s like to pursue them, plus some other goals along the way as I leave my 20s and enter my 30s. Maybe I’ll end up with a log that I can reflect on and learn from. Maybe I’ll have something to prove to my purely hypothetical children and grandchildren that I did some semi-sporty stuff once. Maybe I’ll be super-fast and running Boston someday and looking back chuckling at how funny it was that I thought I’d never break a 2:00 half. Maybe I’ll stop updating this like I’ve stopped updating all my other blogs, but I hope not.

Maybe I’ll end up writing about cookies here, too, and books. That would be OK, right?

Serial Blogger Alert

I start blogs. Then I stop updating them. This is my story.